Have You Got Gastritis?

Have You Got Gastritis?To tell the truth, gastritis is a common disease for many people. This problem cannot be referred to as one illness. It is more likely to be a number of various problems which are connected with the process of inflammation in stomach.

Many things may lead to gastritis: among them we mean drinking a lot of alcohol, long period of taking of some pills without steroids (like aspirin or Helicobacter pylori). In some cases, this disease may be a kind of a consequence after some operations, strong infections and traumas. Gastritis can be also developed because of anemia or autoimmune conditions.

When speaking about the main symptoms, among them we usually distinguish the following: pains in different parts of stomach. Moreover, it can be even eructation, swelling of abdomen, sickness and emesis. Moreover, people suffering from gastritis may feel that the stomach is full and that it’s burning (especially the upper part). If you notice blood while vomiting or your faeces are dark, be careful – maybe you’ve got a stomach bleeding (and in such a situation exact diagnosis is necessary).

How to diagnose this illness?

It is usually done with the help of different tests:

First of all we mean a blood test. It is recommended in order to find out if the patient has anemia (the lack of necessary red cells in the blood). Very often people suffer from anemia because of stomach bleeding.

The next is the test of faeces. It is performed in order to learn if there is some blood in your faeces (also a symptom of inner bleeding). Due to this procedure doctors also check if there is H. pylori in the digestive system.

And finally, there is gastro-endoscopy. This procedure is rather unpleasant but painless: the physician uses an endoscope (it is a slim pipe equipped with a little camera, which is delivered into the stomach through the nose or a mouth). The chances of occasional inflammation will be checked and besides, some small pieces of tissue can be taken for a test.

So, how to cure gastritis? In most cases this condition is treated with the help of special pills, the task of which is to lessen the acid in stomach, and in such a way to heal your abdomen and to ease the discomfort and pain.

The recommendations are quite simple: to keep to a special diet, to take prescribed tablets and to do some exercises if needed.

In case when gastritis has developed because of infection, you can cure it all the same. So don’t worry, simply consult the doctor and follow all his recommendations.