Have You Ever Had Indigestion?

Have You Ever Had Indigestion?Do you know what indigestion is? Another name for this stomach condition is dyspepsia. In detail, this disease includes the following symptoms: people feel fullness after they have eaten, ant this is quite unpleasant. Sometimes they have even stomach ache and burning pain in the top part of the stomach:

Indigestion may happen as to grown-ups so to the children. But adult people suffer oftener from it (some of them daily).

Let’s look closer at the reasons of dyspepsia. This condition may occur because of certain problems in digestive system, for instance - GERD, or ulcer illness, stomach cancer or some other things. According to the general state of health the signs of indigestion may disappear or even become more vivid.

There are cases of indigestion, when it’s just impossible to explain why it so happened. Researchers believe that it can be in the place where a little intestine contacts with the stomach. Sometimes indigestion is connected with anomalous contractility of the stomach.

And now read a short description of the symptoms:

They are quite general, but still:

The sensation of fullness while eating. People fell that they have overate, though they eat not a lot.

An unpleasant discomfort in stomach, right after the meal. It is like the feeling of overeating when you feel all the dishes stuck up in the gullet.

Epigastric ache. This zone is placed in the middle of the down part of the breast bone and the omphalos. This kind of pain may be of different forms.

We should also mention epigastric burning. It can be compared to the feeling of heat in the upper part of the stomach.

There are also some common signs, which are characteristic for other stomach illnesses too: sickness, swelling, discomfort because of compression in stomach.

Very often people mix it with pain in the heart, while these things are quite different. Heart gives a pain in the breast and it extends on the back and to the neck area.

Finally, we come to the ways of treatment.

The first our task is to lessen physical and emotional tension. Take some therapy courses where it is possible to relax.

Sometimes it helps when people take meals oftener and in smaller portions. Moreover it is better to keep to a certain diet: don’t eat greasy and fried dishes.

Don’t take the pills and tablets which are able to irritate the stomach: for example aspirin.

It is also recommended to give up smoking, drinking too much coffee and alcohol.
And, of course to have a good rest, not to overwork yourself.