How To Recognize A Stomach Ulcer?

How To Recognize A Stomach Ulcer?First of all we’ll explain what it is. This disease has another name - gastric ulcer. This stomach condition may appear because of special bacteria – a helicobacter pylori. Here the situation resembles the reasons and symptoms of gastritis very much. Ulcer may develop because of some tablets (aspirin or ibuprofen).

As you see, stomach ulcer resembles gastritis. But at the same time it is quite different. Do you know what a peptic ulcer is? It appears usually because of the stomach acid. This problem normally happens in the down part of the gullet, in abdomen or in duodenum. By the way, ulcers in the duodenum are the most common. At first, the harmful bacteria begin to damage the defending tissues of the stomach or the bowel. When the tender lining is destroyed, stomach acid attacks our stomach freely. No wonder, that acid irritates stomach’s lining, and moreover, this irritation is not temporary, that why as time passes an ulcer appears.

This disease is not simply unpleasant, but even dangerous. So when the first signs appear, consult the physician as quickly as possible in order to prevent further diffusion of ulcer. If you do everything in time it’s possible to prevent very unpleasant consequences. When people don’t pay attention at these symptoms, the problem will surely progress. Don’t allow ulcer to conquer you and your life. It’s better to stop everything at once than to live on tablets later.

Another question is how to recognize gastric ulcer immediately. First of all people with ulcer suffer from permanent discomfort in abdomen. Sudden ache can also occur and then disappear without any reasons. These things can last for several days.

People suffering from ulcer (the same as from gastritis) feel better right after they will have eaten.

But in an hour or so the unpleasant sensations will be resumed, slower but intensively.

Patients with stomach ulcer feel goof after supper, but at night or closer early morning they often have very painful rushes.

Antacids usually help in such situations. They relieve from strong pain at least.

Such signs as unexpected appetite loss, retching or sickness should also alert you. It doesn’t mean that you have ulcer, but the disease may be even serious. So don’t wait for the next day, go to the hospital.

We want to say that there are cases of stomach ulcer when no one of the above mentioned symptoms takes place. The first signs may appear only later, when ulcer is progressing.